On May 11, 2019, Volunteer Clean-up took place in the Institute of International Relations as the part of the IIR Green Days. The students and the IIR Directorate volunteered to join the cleaning-up and received a lot of drive and unforgettable emoti

The event began at 10 am in the backyard of the Institute, where all the people received the necessary equipment and got to work. More than 50 students were divided into groups, each of them had a specific task. The courtyard of the IIR looked quite unusual: it was filled with a large number of people who did the cleaning, painting, sweeping and had fun! At 12 pm the event was announced to be completed. All the people were invited to enjoy the next part of the day, namely – a  surprise from the Directorate of the Institute of International Relations. The barbecue in the backyard of the Institute is what every student dreams of. And today, all of those who could come and became useful for the Institute, made this little dream come true.

The representatives of the Directorate and the faculty were engaged in the Volunteer Clean-up. Such an event is not only useful for improving the appearance of the Institute, but also for uniting and establishing friendly relations between students and those who teach them. Director of the Institute of International Relations, Kopiika Valerii Volodymyrovych, offered to organize such an event in the fall of the next academic year and noticed that the number of people willing to participate is sure to increase!