The Institute's students took part in the Ukrainian Euro-Atlantic Security Forum

The IIR students Halavka Ostap, Saljuk Denys, Oleksandr Krajev, Karyna Rogulja, Anna Krutova, Anastasija Synycja, Olena Koval'chuk, Lolita Lezhanina, Igor Chychyrkoza, Danylo Nedvec'kyj took part in the Ukrainian Youth Security Forum, which took place April 25-27, 2018 in Cherkasy. The invited guests at the forum were former foreign ministers of Ukraine and Lithuania, representatives of Ukrainian authorities, military from Canada and Lithuania, as well as experts from NATO. Approximately 60 students from different universities of Ukraine took part in the forum.


During the forum participants had the opportunity to listen to informative lectures, to participate in discussions, to communicate personally with foreign guests and learn a lot of new information. The end of the forum was "Simulation of the NATO meeting," in which each participant got the right to represent the country proposed to him and find out in which atmosphere the meetings of one of the strongest alliances of the present day are held. At the end of the simulation ceremony the ceremony of handing the certificates of certificates was held by the representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine.