From January 27 to 30 2019, the world’s largest trade fair for sweets - ISM - was held in Cologne again, and IIR students together with the representatives of the Ukrainian confectionery company AVK visited the fair.

From January 27 to January 30, 2019 the international exhibition of sweets and snacks, ISM (2019), was held in Cologne (Germany)  with representatives of the Ukrainian confectionery company AVK Alexander Legotin, Vasily Gavshin, Andrey Radchuk. Students of IIR also visited the exhibition, namely, Vladyslav Gladysh, Anna Sursaeva, Sofia-Diana Yakimyak, Vlad Kushnir, Anastasia Zharkova, Alexandra Novak, Elizaveta Onufrienko, Anastasia Kudlyak

ISM is the largest sweets exhibition in the world. As the finalists of the competition from AVK, eight students of our Institute together with representatives of one of the largest Ukrainian confectionery companies took part in the ISM as visitors and exhibitors. The students received valuable experience, were able to test themselves in a new and unusual way, to train communication skills, analytics, learn about world trends, etc. By the way, over 1,650 producers from 76 countries were represented at the exhibition, and the number of visitors reached the mark of 38,000 (from 140 countries)!

We express our gratitude to AVK for the opportunity given to our students! - Vladimir Avramenko, Catherine Crushers Anna Schmidt, Julia Movlyan.

Sofia-Diana Yakimyak