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«Mizhnarodnyk» is the Institute of International Relations student edition, which writes about and for students, teachers and graduates of IIR. It is not only a source of relevant information, but also a platform for exchange of your ideas and experience.


The first editorial board was launched in 1997, releasing the very first number of student newspapers in black and white on A-3 paper. But since that times this edition has undergone many changes, gradually going to color A-4 format. Usually magazine is published twice a semester. 

You can also follow the work of the editorial office in Telegram and Facebook channels.

The columns of "Mizhnarodnyk" are:

"Behind the scenes" - we tell about the large-scale events of the Institute from the point of view of the organizers and reveal the secrets of training participants.
"Sharing experiences" - interviews with students who participated in exchange programs, foreigners and their impressions of studying in Ukraine.
"Travel blog" - tips on effective recreation and a top place to really go and enjoy the atmosphere.
"Open conversation" - here we will be able to communicate with teachers, heads of departments and other interesting people.
"Ukrainian role models" - stories about famous people of Ukrainian show business who were able to show their talent to the world.
"Digest of Interest" - the latest news of recent times.
For information please contact: +38 (098) 175 9586 – Yulia Kussul (@Kussul_Yulia)

The Student Council Newsletter

The Student Council Newsletter is an edition of the IIR Student Council. If you want to know all the latest news of the Institute and IIR Student Council, join us!

Every two weeks our edition will inform you about the most important and interesting events of the Institute and a lot more. Stay tuned with IIR life! Our main goal is to tell you only the most useful information.

If you want to join our editorial team or have some interesting information to share with, you may contact us.

If you want to subscribe to The Student Council Newsletter, send an e-mail to the Editorial board visnyk.iir@gmail.com.