From January 2011 the Scientific Department of the Institute works on the scientific topic № 11БФ048-01:Ukraine in Interntaional Integration Processes: Theory and Practice - Head of research - Doctor of political sciences professor V. Kopiyka. The scientific topic is the constituent part of the scientific progrsm of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

  • Department 1. Ukraine in modern political and security processes - Head of Research - Doctor of historical sciences professor Manzhola V.A.
  • Department 3. Legal principles of cooperation between Ukraine and international unions: theory and practice - Head of research - Doctor of legal sciences professor Muravjov V.I.
  • Department 2. Strategy of ukrainian integration in the world economy - Head of Research - Doctor of economic sciences professor Shnyrkov O.I.
  • Department 4. Ukraine in modern informational relations: innovative issue - Head of Research - Doctor of political sciences Ryzhkov M.M7