In the Institute of International Relations approximately 80 post-graduate students and 60 applicants for a scientific degree of the Candidate of Sciences studies. They are supervised by 42 doctors, professors and 10 candidates of sciences, associate professors.

Three specialized academic councils operate in the Institute. They ensure the defenses of doctoral theses and theses for a degree of the Candidate of Sciences in the relevant scientific areas:

Д 26.001.02 Chairman – Professor Anton Filipenko
Specialty: 08.00.02 – World Economy and International Economic Relations.

Д 26.001.10 Chairman – Professor Vsevolod Mytsyk
Specialty: 12.00.11 – International Law;
12.00.03 – Civil Law and Civil Procedure; Family Law; Private International Law.

Д 26.001.29 Chairman – Professor Volodymyr Manzhola
Specialty: 23.00.04 – Political Problems of International System and Global Development;

21.03.03 – Geopolitics (Political Sciences).

The necessary conditions for the fruitful work of post-graduate students and applicants are created in the Institute. Every post-graduate student has the opportunity to speak at conferences that are held at the Institute and to publish his/her theses.

The post-graduate students and applicants of the Institute have the opportunity to publish their research articles in the Bulletin of the University of Kyiv (the series "International Relations”) and in the collection "Current Issues of International Relations."

Department of postgraduate study Contact:
Korniychuk Galina Aleksandrovna - Head
2 floor, room. 255 Tel .: (044) 481-45-72

Contact department of postgraduate study Korniychuk Galina Aleksandrovna - Head 2 floor, room. 255 Tel .: (044) 481-45-72