Student Research Laboratory

Student Research Laboratory "SNIL-5"

«SNIL-5» is a research student laboratory created on the basis of the «International Law»department of the Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.

Since its creation in 1973, the idea of such platform creation has been embodied several time on the ad hoc basis and eventually realized on the fundamental level as a scientific institution.

 The aim of the laboratory is to study and draft a global order in 2039, as well as to develop potential methods of its legal regulation. Principal investigated vectors: anthropogenesis, ethnogenesis, sociogenesis, technogenesis, noosphere-genesis, sphere of conflicts, ecology.

 The choice of 2039 is not accidental: it is dedicated to the centenary of the beginning of the Second World war.

Students together with their supervisors set themselves the following tasks:

- definition of the main trends and mainstreams (vectors) of the global legal order up to 2039 based on the analysis of development of present political, economic, social and other realities;

- development of mechanisms for the implementation of the studied transformations;

- identification of potential threats to the development «World Order 2039»mainstreams and opportunities to neutralize such threats and/or ways to control the processes in this regard;

- preparation of the final scientific work, which envisages the drafted system of legal regulation of global mainstreams in 2039;

- cooperation with domestic and foreign students, experts, public and international organizations in order to exchange knowledge, ideas and information.


Postal address: Kyiv, 04119, Y. Illienka (Melnikova) str. 36/1, auditorium 110


Coordinators: Ivashchenko Daria