For the First Year Students

Hi, freshman!


Hi, freshman!

Continuing the theme of extracurricular life, we want to introduce you to our favorite cultural events. This is only a small fraction of what's going on at the Institute. 
So, our list of "must-visit":
  • Art exhibitions in the Hall Art Gallery. Did you know that the hall of our Institute is a part-time picture gallery? Take a look - and you will see that everyone can touch the works of young Ukrainian artists (both in direct and in the figurative sense)! Exhibitions are regularly updated, so getting a portion of inspiration before classes can be almost round the clock :)
  • A career day is an event where demand and supply meet in one place. On this day, you can chat with representatives of various organizations, ask them about the conditions / requirements for employment, or even schedule an internship in a dreamed company.
  • "Rainbow of the countries" - the favorite entertainment of all IIR students without exception! It is a holiday of cultures and traditions, during which each course represents a separate country: its national dishes, clothes, history and customs, - completing all this with modern vision and creativity. Break-dance of Arabian sheikhs or Spanish bullfighting? Why not?
  • "Mr. and Ms. Diplomat" is a competition traditionally timed to celebrate the Day of the Diplomat on December 22nd. The objectives of the competition are to test the participants for the qualities and knowledge necessary for professional success in the diplomatic career: speaking skills, intelligence, etiquette, knowledge of history and foreign languages. So we advise you to be in the role of a contestant, or at least once to become a spectator of this show.
  • "IIR Charity Ball" - a new tradition that really fascinated at first sight. This is a classic Viennese ball devoted to the theme of spring and flowers. Classical music from the live orchestra, a buffet table with a glass of champagne, inviting stars and unforgettable emotions from debutant performances awaited guests. We advise you to visit teh ball this spring and spin on an unforgettable waltz with your partner!

Hopefully, it will now be easier for you to focus on the number of events at the beginning of the year. Till next time!



Hi, freshman!

We congratulate you on the first day of study in friendly walls of the IIR! We are sure that after you have received a student card, life has flourished with new colors. However, we do not forget that some aspects of the Institute's life have not yet been highlighted for you.

So today, we will answer the question: HOW TO FIND YOUR TEACHER?

No, of course, we do not hint at the fact that you won't remember everyone from the first time, but why risk it? Below, we will attach references to the professors of all departments of the Institute of International Relations, as well as to the administration and their contacts. Know the faces of those who will be around for 4 years!


Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy
Department of International Organizations and Diplomatic Service

Department of International Law
Department of Private international Law
Department of Comparative and European Law

Department of World Economy and International Economic Relations
Department of International Finance

Department of International Information
Department of International Media Communications and Communicative Technologies

Department of International Business

Chair of Country Studies

Department of Foreign Languages 


Good luck today and on the first week of studying!



Hi, freshman!


We continue to introduce you to student life, and today we will tell about the DIFFERENT KINDS OF STUDYING MONITORING, because we are sure that you hear words such as a test and an exam every now and then.


That's why read our post!

A TEST is a preliminary assessment of the student's knowledge. The test does not have an estimate on the national scale. For his result the student is credited to the score in the "passed" or "not passed", that is, a mark about whether the student's knowledge of the "three" or not. On the same day there may be several tests. According to the Bologna assessment system, the student still gets points on the 100-point scale (from 20 to 40) and they are added to your final score (up to 60 - unsatisfactory, 60-74 satisfactory, 75-89 - well, 90- 100 - excellent).

Tests are carried out over during the week, when other classes continue. The test can be in the form of a test, a  game, ticket responses or project protection.

AN EXAM is the final assessment of a student's knowledge of a particular discipline. It is conducted during the exam session. In one day there should be no more than one exam.

There are given a few days to prepare for the exam. Students in 2-4 weeks ahead are given a list of questions, which will then be divided into examination tickets - up to three questions in each. Before the examinations, teachers arrange consultations, during which they give explanations on the issues. It is advisable to come and ask questions.
The exam is usually conducted in the form of an oral or written answering to the questions. In addition to questions about the theory, the ticket might have a practical task: the analysis of a real case or problem solving. The teacher can also ask additional questions beyond the ticket.
The exam results are evaluated according to the national scale, where the highest score is "excellent", lower - "unsatisfactory", and the Bologna 100-point scale (40 points). If the student received an "unsatisfactory" exam, then he must come for re-examination. 
So everything is not very difficult, as you see!
Good luck today and on the first week of studying!



Hi, freshman!

Are you ready to come next week to the best university in the country? We try to do as much as possible so that you do not worry and ready for the first days of study.

We remember how it was simple at school: you only had lessons, on which the information was explained, and the material was fixed practically.

However, at the Institute, there is a DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CLASSES. 

Therefore, we offer you today to familiarize yourself with what lectures  seminars are.

Lecture (from the Latin "Lectio" - reading) - a form of instruction, when the teacher orally teaches (reads) a significant volume of educational material. A lecture is a teacher's monologue, which can be accompanied by slides or visual display on a board. In this case, the main task of the listeners is to receive and memorize (we also recommend to note) new information.

Seminar (from the Latin "Seminarium" - the school) is a thoughtful and prepared dialogue on a given topic. Seminars are held to repeat and consolidate already familiar material. At the seminar, a teacher discusses with the students the most relevant issues of the topic, emphasizes the intricacies and nuances, and clarifies problematic points.

Also, the seminars are the classes at which you will receive grades for further (final) evaluation. A teacher also tells the topic of the next seminar so that you can prepare and respond.


So, the basics are explained, and we are waiting for you on Monday at 11:00!



Hi, freshman!

As you already know, there are no diaries in the Institute, to which you definitely got used to in 11 years of schooling.  No, that does not mean that you do not have to do a homework (believe there will be enough of it).  However, now you are faced with the schedule of the IIR, not very understandable at first glance.

We prepared a small instruction so that you don't ask yourself HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE IIR SCHEDULE??

Let's start with the fact that you can find the schedule HERE.

Vertical blue lines divide the schedule on the years of study, horizontal on days of the week. So, you should look only on the first column so far!

If you look at the instruction attached to the post, you can analyze the shedule for Monday with us.

№1 - Day of the week
№2 - Time of the lecture
№3 - Division of lectures (mostly seminars) by acadmic groups (follow the column of your academic group)
№4 - Division of lectures by language groups (follow the column of your language group) - only lectures on foreign languages
№5 - Classes written on the entire length of the line- lectures. Students of the whole course should be present.
№6 - Classes, written on the length of certain academic groups - seminars to be attended by students of certain academic groups.
№7 - Classes, whose schedule is changed by weeks (upper / lower) according to their location on the schedule. You can find out the week on the bulletin board near your department.
№8 - Auditorium number
№9 - Your teacher

We hope that we were able to explain you the basics so that you are ready for the first day of study.

We wish you success and are waiting for you on September 3rd at 11:00 in the Large Assembly Hall of the IIR!



Hi, freshman!

We hope that you are really interested in what you can learn from us within two weeks.

We are sure you were wondering: WHERE TO EAT AND  RELAX? Do not know yet? We are coming to you!! 

The first thing we should note is the 3 most important points of our Institute: a two-story dining room with the most delicious cakes, "Viennese rolls" and cafe in the backyard.

At the entrance to the Institute, you friendly barista. And quite near are "Dominos", "Puzata Hata", "NLSN and Friends" and other cafes. 

We attach a map with all institutions marked, so that your grandmother stays calm.

See you soon!




Hi, freshman!

We continue to provide you with information of primary importance so that your first days of learning are remembered only by positive emotions.

Freshmen worry the most about the fact that they can get lost in the Institute of International Relations.


Of curse, we can assure you that auditoria are placed very comfortable, but the best thing is to show it. That is why we offer you the IIR MAP.
Save it on your smartphone and be confident in your abilities!





Hi, freshman!

We congratulate you on joining IIR and a large, friendly family of students!

We understand that you are very worried about the fact that a new stage in your life begins, but we want to assure you that the student years are the best, so do not be afraid of change.

With an aim of your first weeks passing easily, the press center of the IIR and the Student Council of the IIR have created a small project # I_am_freshman_at_the_IIR. Within two weeks, we will publish the necessary information for you so that you know WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and HOW is happening in our home walls. So, follow the hashtag #I_am_freshman_at_the_IIR and you are guaranteed to have peaceful mind in the first aspects of studying at the Institute.

Let's start with the easiest and most important : WHERE TO SEARCH ACUTE INFORMATION ON THE EVENTS AT THE IIR? 

Below, we attach links to the official pages of the Institute of International Relations and the Student Council of Students where the most recent announcements, news and announcements are waiting for you.



Оfficial Telegram chanel 
Оfficial page on FB 
Оfficial page on Instagram 
The 20th dorm Telegram chanel 

Keep in touch! Good luck!


For the First Year Students' Attention!

In order to make it easier for future students of the first year to join the family of IIR and to help them in the first steps of obtaining higher education in the walls of our educational institution, senior students - coordinators are ready to share the necessary experience and answer any questions.

Let us introduce students - coordinators of the year 2020-2021:

Kirichenko Dmitriy - @Ostap_panko

Kvashuk Daniil - @DanielKvashuk

Shvayka Alexander - @sanchopanca651

Kroshko Andrey - @andriikroshko

Lebed Inna - @inna_lebed

Chubata Tatyana - @ciabattka

Kutsenko Eugene - @Jay_Ks

Ulanova Diana- @anaidos

Corti Vladislav - @VladislavStein

Logachev Artem-@DonbasWarrior

Bogomaz Denis - @denis_vott

Onishchuk Elizaveta - @lizaonyshchuk

Koval Andrey -@king_andrew_ready

Yachnik Tatiana - @IpatiyPotiy

Dibrov Maxim - @drapail


Velychko Daniel - @Danikc

Payuk Elena - @elnpk

Kharchenko Anna - @kharchenkoanna

Dyachenko Sofia - @yoursunlight

Rafalska Victoria - @rafalska_ya

Ivanov Vitaliy - @vitalii_i

Dmytrenko Alina- @Alitniss

Polishchuk Anastasia - @nastessie_x

Mamchiy Alexandra - @AlexMamchii

Bilovusyak Andrey- @abilovusiak

Storozhynetskyi Taras - @Taras_Storozh

Afonina Solomiya-Sofia - @afonina_god

Makievskaya Catherine - @makievskaya_kateryna

Vaslavskaya Karina - @vasssk

Kruglyan Stanislava - @stani_slavka