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Lecture by Tatyana Shynkarenko

On 15 October, 2019, a lecture on the basics of diplomatic protocol and etiquette was held at the IIR by Assistant Professor Tatyana Shynkarenko, Chair of International Organizations and Diplomatic Service, on the initiative of Ambassadorподробнее

Lecture by Ambassador Daniel Fried

On 17 October 2019 at 3:00 p.m., a lecture by Daniel Fried, a well-known American politician and diplomat, will take place at the Small Hall of the Institute.подробнее

Lecture by «Google» and «Ощадбанк»

On 4 October, 2019 in the Institute of International Relations Andrii Radevych and Olena Kovalska, who are the representatives of the companies «Google» and «Oschchadbank», delivered a lectureподробнее

Lecture "How we see cinema"

Cinema has become inalienable part of our lives, keeping the functions of ideology and entertainment in moder society as well as uniting millions of different people with watching and admiring the same moviesподробнее

Presentation of online project

On 17 September 2019 the presentation of online project "EU-Ukraine Association Agreement" by the Club of the European Law and Ukrainian scientific expert center of the European Law took place in the IIR.подробнее

Lecture by Professor Liu Hong

​​On 18 September 2019 the lecture by director of Nanian centre of public administration (Singapore) Professor Lii Hong took place in the IIR.подробнее

lLecture by Google and Oschadbank Specialists

On 20 May 2019 the students of the Institute learned about leading world research companies, rebranding, secrets of promotion on YouTube during lectures by Google and Oschadbank specialistsподробнее

Seychelles Day in the IIR

On 7 June 2019, on the eve of the completion of the second semester, students of the Institute were able to meet with the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in the Republic of Seychelles, Ms. Marina Morin-Adelin.подробнее

Open Meeting on the Ukraine-Seychelles Relations

On 7 June 2019 at 11:10 a meeting with the honorary consul of Ukraine in the Republic of Seychelles Mrs. Maryna Morin-Adelin on the topic "Features of Diplomacy in Post-Colonial Islands" will take place.подробнее

Hybrid Threats: Ukraine's and NATO's Response

On 4 June 2019 an open discussion and simulation game "Hybrid Threats: the Answer of Ukraine and NATO" was held at the Instituteподробнее
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