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Dr. Dirk Biermann,

Chief Markets & System Operations Officer at 50Hertz

Born in 1969.


  • Business Economics, FernUniversitat in Hagen (1998 - 2001);
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering & Energy Economics (1994 - 1998);
  • Electrical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University (1989 - 1994).


Work experience:

2012 - now - Managing Director, Chief Officer Markets and System Operations, 50Hertz;

2011 – 2012 - Project Leader/Program Director, 50Hertz;

2004 – 2007 - Head of Energy Management (responsible for the company's energy trading activities, which also includes ancillary services, EEG affairs and balancing group management as well as market development and congestion management), 50Hertz;

2004 - Head of the Grid Strategy Department in the Vattenfall Europe Holding;

2002 – 2004 - The Vattenfall Europe Holding.

Board member in:

  • TSCNET Services GmbH (2016 - now).
  • EEX AG (European Energy Exchange) (2014 - now);
  • Central Allocation Office GmbH (2009 - 2015);
  • Coreso SA (2012 - now);
  • European Market Coupling Company (2008 - 2011).


  • One of four transmission system operators in Germany which covers the Eastern German federal states, Berlin and Hamburg.
  • The shareholders in 50Hertz are the Belgian transmission system operator Elia (80 %) and the  bank KfW (20 %) which is owned by the Federal Government and the federal states of Germany. As a European transmission system operator, 50Hertz is part of the Elia Group.
  • 50Hertz Transmission GmbH owns 100 % of the shares in 50Hertz Offshore GmbH. This company with registered office in Berlin connects offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea to the 50Hertz transmission grid.
  • The 50Hertz grid is unique in one particular regard: the infeed of electricity from renewable energy sources, mainly from wind turbines, reaches peak values that are the highest in the world. In 2017, the share of renewable energies in power consumption was 53.4 %.
  • The high share of volatile energy production in the 50Hertz grid area makes 50Hertz a kind of energy transition lab.

Latest news

  1. On 13 January 50Hertz had a new record: over 16,000 MWt of wind power in grid. The grid area of 50Hertz could have been completely supplied with wind power and would have even exported energy.
  2. After nine successful years, the 50Hertz CEO – Boris Schucht, leaves the company. He will manage the company until 28 February 2019.