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IIR charity trip

On June 1, Children's Day was organized a charity trip to the Pryluky's orphange "Nadiia".подробнее

Charity Thrift Shop

On October 31, at the IIR hall, a charity Thrift Shop took place, where students sold a variety of goods to buy everything necessary for children at the Nadiya Orphanage in the city of Pryluky.подробнее

Charity trip to Cheburashka

On October 18, 2018, a charity trip to the children's home "Cheburashka" in Rokytne, Kyiv region took place.подробнее

IIR Charity Fair

On May 22, at the Institute of International Relations, the IIR Charity Fair took place, where funds were collected for orphans.подробнее

Charitable organization IIR

On 5 April a charity event in IIR was held Give the child from the orphanage a holiday on Easter – bring the Easter Set or Kinder.подробнее

Making good is easier than being good

On April 20, 2017 there was a trip to a nursing home, a school and a kindergarten in the village of Orlovkaподробнее

Ярмарок-казка в ІМВ

Вперше в історії Інституту ярмарок-казка! Секція німецької мови кафедри іноземних мов ІМВ рада запросити студентів, викладачів та гостей на святкування справжнього німецького Різдваподробнее

Saint Nicholas Day at the orphanage "Nadiia"

Students and teaching staff of the IIR visited the orphanage "Nadiia" in Pryluky on December 19подробнее

"The system or the lives of children?

During the meeting, participants will be able to learn about the features of charity funds and their role in the implementation of reforms in Ukraineподробнее

Charity trip on November 10, 2016

For more than 15 years there has been a wonderful tradition at the IIR to help people in need and for more than 15 years students and teachers of the Institute have been supporting school, kindergarten and nursing home located in Orlivka villageподробнее
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