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Project Contest "Youth Hackathon"


International conference

On 17 October, 2019 the International Scientific and Theoretical Conference "Strategic Positioning of Ukraine in the Contemporary International Space" (SPUMIS) was held in the IIRподробнее

Lecture by Gaston Espinosa

From 8 to 11 October 2019 students and professors of the IIR had an opportunity to visit lectures on "Religion, Global Violence and Terrorism" by Professor Gaston Espinosa from the Claremont McKenna Collegeподробнее

Meeting with Artem Maidan

On 15 October, 2019, students of the Institute of International Relations had an opportunity to meet Artem Maidan, the founder of the educational company PRIZMA and the organizer of the largest business training in Ukraine for 8500 participantsподробнее

Actor training in the IIR

Theater is an art. The skill to play a role comes with practice. So how to succeed in theater art?подробнее

Lecture by Tatyana Shynkarenko

On 15 October, 2019, a lecture on the basics of diplomatic protocol and etiquette was held at the IIR by Assistant Professor Tatyana Shynkarenko, Chair of International Organizations and Diplomatic Service, on the initiative of Ambassadorподробнее

Erasmus Days in the IIR

On October 11, 2019, IIR students and guests of our Institute had a great opportunity to attend a lecture from representatives of Erasmus Days in Ukraineподробнее

Lecture by Vladyslav Gladysh,

Cases, cases... Perhaps, there are no students in our Institute who have heard nothing about them. But why do we need cases to work with, how should they be solved and what should be avoided in this kind of activity?подробнее

Meeting with Olga Bogomolets

On 10 October, 2019, students of the Institute of International Relations had an opportunity to attend the lecture delivered by the honored doctor of Ukraine, political and public figure Olga Bogomoletsподробнее

International conference

International scientific and practical conference «DIGITALIZATION OF THE MODERN SYSTEM OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC RELAT»подробнее
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