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“Turkiye Scholarships” Programme

Within the framework of the Türkiye Bursları Programme, The Republic of Turkey is granting scholarships to foreing students for undergraduate, graduate and Phd studies every year since 2012подробнее

BIGSSS Calls for applications

Current calls for applications for the following programs are closing very soon (31st January 2017)подробнее

Foreign Policy Winter School

We would like to inform you about the Foreign Policy Winter School that will be held in Istanbul in 2017 (15.03.17 – 19.03.17)подробнее

17 Goals for sustainable development of the world 2030

On December 22 at the Institute of International Relations at the initiative of the Department of Education there was an action, devoted to 17 goals of sustainable development of the world in 2030подробнее

25th anniversary between Ukraine and Lithuania

The grand opening of the park in the center of Kiev, near the St. Sophia Square, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Lithuaniaподробнее

Сounteractions to information aggression

Being in Bratislava, the Co-Chairman of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Information Policy Serhiy Danylenko told about the experience of familiarizing Ukrainian students with counteractions to information aggressionподробнее

UN dedicated to the Human Rights Day

Ukrainian stars, human rights defenders, social activists, athletes, artists, journalists, representatives of minorities and many others have joined the campaign of the UN dedicated to the Human Rights Dayподробнее

Finalists of the competition

Finalists of the competition organized by the Department of International Business and Elfenworks Foundation have been identifiedподробнее

Mister Diplomat 2016

Intellectual and entertaining show "Mister Diplomat" is a contest among the students of 4th-6th year of study of the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv for the title of the most talented diplomat amoподробнее

All-Ukrainian Debate Academy!

The IIR students took part in the All-Ukrainian Debate Academyподробнее
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