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IIR Shevchenkivska Vesna-2019

On March 26, an annual scientific conference Shevchenkivska Vesna-2019 was held in IIR.подробнее

Model UN 2019

The UN model was held in the walls of the IIR on March 22-23подробнее

Meeting of Diplomacy and Francophonie

On March 21, 2019, the "Meeting of Diplomacy and Francophonie" was held at the Institute of International Relations under the "Days of Francophonie in Ukraine"подробнее

International Competition on WTO Law

The team of the Institute of International Relations continues to take part in international law competitions that are among the most prestigious in the world - the John H. Jackson Moot Court Competitionподробнее

The School of Young Ukrainian Diplomat Grand Opening

On 16 February 2019, the IIR hosted the grand opening of two social and educational projects of the Institute’s Business School – the School of Young Ukrainian Diplomat and Teenagers Business School With Economic Diplomacyподробнее

New Monograph

The staff of the Chair of World Economy and International Economic Relations published a monograph "The processes of economic disintegration in the modern world economy"подробнее

Practice in Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Ind

From January 21 to February 8, 2019, students of the Institute of International Relations held their practice at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.подробнее

Mr. and Miss Diplomat

On December 3, 2018, the "Mr. and Miss Diplomat" competition took place in IIRподробнее

Teaching in a Multicultural Environment

On January 21 - 23, 2018 a group of teachers of the Institute of International Relations, consisting of associate professor R. Krivonos and assistants S. Buta and O. Mishina, participated in the training program "Teaching in a Multicultural Environmeподробнее

Program "Youth change Ukraine"

The "Youth will change Ukraine" program of the Bohdan Havrylyshyn Family Foundation is aimed at creating a new generation of active and progressive youth of Ukraineподробнее
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