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European Studies: Experience for Ukraine

November 28 - December 1, 2018 the IIR lecturers participated in the scientific program "European Studies: Experience for Ukraine" organized by the Institute of International Relations of Warsaw University and the Polish Foundation for Internationalподробнее

IIR MUN 2018

On November 16 and 17, 2018, the United Nations Model was traditionally held at the Instituteподробнее

Charity in the IIR

On October 18, the Charity Organization of the Institute of International Relations gave a reason for joy to the small residents of the "Cheburashka" orphanageподробнее

Presentation of the book by Olexander Rogach

On November 8 was presentation of the book by Olexander Rogach "The Theory of International Business".подробнее

Combat hybrid aggression

The other day, students of International Communication, International Relations and Country Studies took part in the round table: "Russia's Interference in Ukrainian Elections as an Element of the Hybrid War.подробнее

Rules of the Game named Life

What is important for a future diplomat? Expertise, education, languages, and, without doubt, awareness of the norms of the diplomatic protocol and etiquette must be mentioned first.подробнее


On October 25, a trip to a house with elderly people, school and kindergarten took place in the village of Orlivka.подробнее

Music and IIR

If you want classical music to accompany you throughout the day, it's not necessary to be a Conservatory student. Now there is a piano in the Institute of International Relations, and well-known melodies are very often heard in the hall.подробнее

"Step Up": flashmob

On October 19, the first performance of the dance group took place at IIR Department of Culture "Step ahead"подробнее

Institutional NATO Modeling

On October 9-10, Institutional NATO Modeling was held in the IIR.подробнее
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