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Competition for the best scientific work

Leonid Kuchma Presidential Foundation "Ukraine" awarded the winners of the competition for the best scientific workподробнее

Scholarship of the Embassy of China in Ukraine 202

Student of the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Relations became a scholarship holder of the Embassy of China in Ukraineподробнее

Tallinn University awards scholarship

Have you been dreaming of becoming a university student in the heart of Estonia? Are you interested in all the urgent changes that happen every day? Want to pump up your entrepreneurial muscles? Then you are on the right way!подробнее

International Parliamentary Scholarship

The internship in the German Bundestag during 5 months, simultaneous studying in one of the three Universities of Berlin, free accommodation, medical assurance, redress for transport expenditures, and 500 euros of scholarship mouthilyподробнее

ERASMUS+ in Germany

There is announced the contest selection for the scholarship of Erasmus+ credit mobility for studying during the autumn semester in 2021-2022 academic year at the University of Saarlandподробнее

Education in Saudi universities

Opportunity to get a free education at Saudi universities!подробнее

Scholarships at the Latvian University

Attention students of the specialty "international relations"! The Latvian University University in the autumn semester 2019-2020 offers a 3-month intensive course (the Young Professionals' Dchool) under the European Studies program for 3 students.подробнее

The Copernicus scholarship program

The deadline for application for the winter semester 2019 / 20th year (01.10.2019-31.03.2020)подробнее

Scholarship from the Mexican Government

This information is provided for Spanish-speaking studentsподробнее

Copernicus Scholarship Program

The deadline for application for the summer semester of 2018 (01/04/2019 - 30/09/2019) is September 30, 2018.подробнее
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