In today’s globalised world, successful development of every country hinges upon the system of international relations that manifests itself in many ways - historically, economically, legally, in IT etc. To function efficiently, every nation is supposed to do research and train professionals in the field of international relations.

When Ukraine got independence, by the Presidential Decree of 30 May 1995, the Institute of International Relations was designated the umbrella organisation for graduate training of professionals in the field of international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine.”

The Institute today is the flagship educational institution in Ukraine offering training in international relations, international law, international economic relations, international business, international communications and country studies. It combines scientific research with cutting-edge innovative educational technologies and unique teaching expertise of our highly professional teaching staff to satisfy students’ thirst for knowledge.

The IIR’s mission is to promote Ukraine’s development and substantial footprint on the international arena through training efficient professionals able to work both nationally and internationally.

IIR Purposes and Priorities

The main purpose is to ensure the highest educational standards in Ukraine in the field of internal development and international relations.

Our Major Tasks are:

  • to create innovative intellectual environment for upbringing highly developed individuals who master both fundamental knowledge and applied skills along the pathways of the training IR professionals.
  • to  pursue scholarly endeavours by the faculty in cooperation with gifted students in their fields of research;
  • to develop and introduce novel educational technologies with emphasis on the applied aspects of training – to update the courses taught along the lines of universally approved practice and global challenges, develop master programmes taught in English, deliver open lectures and hands-on master classes by world class experts in the field of international relations and introduce cutting edge information technologies.
  • to promote vigorously international cooperation - opening the best opportunities to academics and students alike in order to exchange expertise, study and train abroad, communication with outstanding personalities of recognised competence in international relations.
  • to create conditions for professional self-actualization and career growth of Institute graduates, maintain continuous ties with employers in Ukraine and with foreign partners.