Contacts of the administration and departments

+38(044)481-45-57 - International Relations
+38(044)481-45-19 - International Law
+38(044)481-45-12 - International Economic Relations
+38(044)481-45-02 - International Business
+38(044)483-91-14 - International Communication
+38(044)481-45-32 - International Regional Studies
+38(044)481-44-39 - Postgraduate Education Department

Yuriia Illienka St, 36/1, Kyiv, 04119


What specialties can be studied at ES IIR?
Today, the Institute of International Relations is a leading educational institution in Ukraine, which works in the field of international relations, specializing in international relations, international law, international economic relations, international communications, international business, and international regional studies.
How to apply to the ES IIR admissions committee?
E-mail address for consultations regarding admission to ES IIR:

Information for foreign citizens on educational issues:
How to get information about preferential categories for admission?
The telephone number for consultations of preferential categories is 481-45-62
Who can provide informational support for the site?
For all questions related to advertisements, announcements, news, please contact the Press Center of the ES IIR -