IIR Hall Art Gallery

  • Exhibition of artists Tetyana Krasnaya, Oleksandr Olkhova and their daughter Maryna Olkhova

    In September 2013, the walls of our educational institution were decorated with the works of talented artists Tatyana Ivanivna Krasnaya, Oleksandr Vasyliovych Olkhova and their daughter Marina Oleksandrivna Olkhova. It was they who made the effort to bring bright colours to our everyday life. The opening of the exhibition of these artists called "Diagonal of Time" took place on September 18, 2013, on the walls of the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.

  • Exhibition of the artist Kostyantyn Mogilevsky

    On November 15, 2013, true art connoisseurs could enjoy an exhibition of paintings by the famous Ukrainian artist Kostyantyn Mogilevskyi, a master in the field of monumental and decorative art.

    The artist mostly works in easel painting and monumental art (stained glass, mosaics, paintings). Kostyantyn Mogilevsky is a participant in domestic and foreign art exhibitions, and creative groups in Ukraine, Hungary, and Croatia. His paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA.

    The exhibition was held in the hall of the Institute of International Relations. The themes of the paintings are very diverse - from landscapes to works on the theme "Venetian Festival". But it was the still lifes of Konstantin Mogilevsky that attracted the greatest attention of those present because he is considered one of the best masters in this field today.

  • Art exhibition of modern artistic creativity "Winter vacation"

    On March 20, 2014, the third art exhibition of modern artistic creativity "Winter Holidays" took place within the walls of our Institute. All those interested had a great opportunity to communicate with well-known representatives of the artistic elite and get to know their works directly.

    The opening was attended by the head of the Kyiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine V. Konoval, leading contemporary artists K. Mogilevsky, O. Olkhovy, T. Krasna, M. Olkhova, I. Pylypenko, G. Primakova, O. Pryduvalova, O. Khrapachov and others.

    The goal of this project is to create a unique opportunity for students and teachers to familiarize themselves with the outstanding works of today in the everyday course of the educational process and to bring the quality of education to an even higher level. After all, the Institute is not only a scientific and educational institution but also a centre of spiritual and cultural development of the individual.

  • Exhibition of artist Ivan Marchuk

    "For me, art is life and revelation...

    I am insatiable, hungry for new things, I have a daily need to work - like a windmill in the wind!"

    I. Marchuk


    On April 24, 2014, the brilliant Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk opened his new exhibition of paintings in the hall of the Institute of International Relations as part of the IIR Hall Art Gallery project. The artist personally presented the latest works to the guests and told the story of their creation.

    The exhibition of Ivan Marchuk's works has already become the fourth cultural event within the project.

    The unique style of painting paintings (the author himself defines it as abstract surrealism) makes getting acquainted with them an unforgettable event both in the lives of modern artists and in the lives of ordinary people not connected to art, especially young people.

    Ivan Marchuk is called the patriarch of the Ukrainian avant-garde. His work, which currently includes more than 4,000 works, has been recognized by the whole world. In 2007, the Daily Telegraph included Ivan Stepanovych among the 100 best-living geniuses of our time. He is the only Ukrainian who was accepted by the International Academy of Contemporary Art in Rome into the ranks of the "Golden Guild" of the world.

    Ivan Marchuk is the most titled artist in Ukraine, laureate of the Shevchenko Prize. Each of his exhibitions is a unique cultural event. But the recognition in the Motherland was preceded by many years of trials. The Master's whole life is a struggle for freedom; searching for new things and unceasing work.

    Honorary guests came to the opening of the exhibition: Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2007-2009) Volodymyr Ogryzko and General Secretary of GUAM Valery Chechelashvili.

    They noted the high level of organization of the exhibition and emphasized the importance of aesthetic education for future diplomats. Director of the Institute of International Relations Valery Kopiyka emphasized the importance of art as a tool for shaping the state's image in the international arena.

    During the meeting, everyone could talk to the outstanding artist, ask him various questions and learn the secrets of his inspiration.

  • Exhibition "Searching for the Equator"

    IIR Hall Art Gallery continues to amaze fans of Ukrainian art with original creative projects. The new semester at the Institute opens with an exhibition of young Ukrainian talent Yuriy Pikul. The International Symposium of Contemporary Art "Biryuchy" became a partner of the exhibition.

    The artist is only 31 years old. But, as you know, age does not matter for talent, which is confirmed by the wide geography of Yuri Pikul's art exhibitions: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, repeated exhibitions at the Art Arsenal, Gallery on Instytutskaya and GogolFEST.

    "My painting is not a socially critical project, I do not engage in social criticism. My paintings are about people. But, of course, I am talking, first of all, about myself," says Yuriy Pikul.

  • Picturesque diplomacy of Valery and Evgeny Chuikov

    It was Nature that gave Valery Chuykov an absolute painter's ear: everything he saw, felt and thought was subtly transferred to the canvas. And over the years, he brought this skill to the highest degree of artistry. Of course, her majesty Genetics also worked here, as his glorious father Evgeny Chuikov, a true Master, had a unique filigree landscape talent. It is a great happiness to immerse yourself in their worlds, where the "divine naturalist Nature" reigns. The manner of a painting of father and son is completely different, but they are united by the fact that nature appears on their canvases without far-fetched conventions - sunny and optimistic.

    What is an eclipse? An eclipse is a phenomenon beyond our control, a mysterious dance of the planets. It just happens whether you like it or not. It is a short period during which everything is absorbed by the shadow, we all love to watch it and look for different ways to see everything more clearly. We adapt to it and learn to see. This temporary shadow glides over our beautiful garden, in which various metamorphoses take place and for this moment everything in it freezes. Flying stairs, fish, melons, horses and apples, all of them lost their balance and froze for a while, you can see them through coloured glass.

  • Exhibition of sculptures "Listen, there is a conversation"

    M. Perepelitsy, M. Bilyk, L. Kozlov, K. Sinytskyi, O. Mykhailitskyi, V. Byk.

    Six artists, whose works are known not only in Ukraine but far beyond its borders, have united to invite you to a conversation through their artistic images. Each of them has their priorities, favourite material and original creative style. Try to find something unique that will not only please you, but also touch your soul.

  • "Feodosiy Humenyuk - the hetman of Ukrainian painting"

    December 4 - 21, 2017

    F. Humeniuk

    Ukrainian painter, graphic designer, laureate of the Shevchenko Prize (1993), People's Artist of Ukraine (since 2009), Honored Artist of Ukraine, and member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

  • "The best" Andriy Chebotaru

    November 2017

    The artist paints landscapes of Ukraine, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, and other countries, as well as the Crimean cities of Sudak, Balaklava, Gurzuf, and Sevastopol, with special trepidation and admiration. His paintings fascinate with the variety and boldness of compositional solutions, and the combination of colour. He can afford any creative experiment. That is why his works are recognizable at first sight. The contrast and harmony of colour spots become the highlight of his work. His perception of colour creates a special symphony of picturesque poetry and the joy of being. He reproduces any mental intonations in colour: from lyrical landscapes to chaotic dramatic motifs of states in nature.

  • Sergey Polyakov. Painting

    October 2017

    Serhii Polyakov was born on April 10, 1982, in St. Petersburg. Later, together with his family, he moved to Kyiv. In 2000, he graduated from the RHSSH named after T.G. Shevchenko. In 2006, he graduated from NAOMA. Serhiy Polyakov's paintings are in private collections in the USA, Canada, China, Ukraine and Russia.

  • Exhibition of landscape photography "Terra.Timeless"

    S. Tumasov

    The project "Terra. Timeless" shows the land around us. Breaking out of the city, we cannot grasp and see the wonder of nature that exists next to us. We change, and fly through time without stopping to look at the beautiful. And only the land is unchanged in its exquisite picturesqueness. Because she is always out of time. Because she is TIMELESS. The exhibition includes works taken on the shores of the Bay of Biscay, the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Atacama Desert, the snowy expanses of Iceland, the mountains of Nepal, and the canyons of North America.

  • "Valery Chuikov - Painting"

    June 2017

    Valery Evgenovich Chuikov is a talented artist who is known all over the world. A book with the artist's works, which today are in private collections and museums in the USA and almost all European countries, was prepared for more than a year. The book tells about the life, creativity and wisdom of the artist. Valery can "spy" on flowers because his work continues as long as the bouquet lives, which he forms and carefully selects. This is the dual analysis of the artist's work, which destroys the illusion of the real world, recreating the images on the canvas in a new way.

  • The exhibition "100 years of restoration of Ukrainian statehood 1917-2017"

    May 31, 2017

    This exhibition displays 17 portraits of prominent figures of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921 and brief biographical information about them. It popularizes figures known to the general public as well as highlighting forgotten pages of our history. This is a kind of propaganda for the unity of Ukrainian lands and the revival of interest in national history.

  • Exhibition "Prayer for Ukraine"

    May 11-21, 2017

    E. Gula

    The artist's creative output is characterized by thematic and genre diversity, from monumental temple paintings to chamber works.

  • Exhibition of paintings by Maria Polyakova

    March 28 - April 11, 2017

    Maria Evgeniyvna Polyakova was born on December 15, 1981, in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2000, she graduated from T.G. Shevchenko Higher Secondary School, and in 2001 she entered the National Academy of Sciences. She defended her master's degree (2007). Since 2004, she has been a member of the youth association of NSHU.

  • An exhibition of paintings by Anatoly Tertychny

    February 2017

    The creativity of Anatoly Tertychny is a natural element, original and unique, and is a significant contribution to culture and art. The artist's painting is a powerful variety of emotions, skill, desire, and systematic hard work for many years. The works of the last decade were selected for the gallery and a complete exposition was created. The works are interwoven with each other, but different in subject matter, mood, and emotional state. Each canvas is unique, original, artistic power and, most importantly, the energy of colour.

  • "Melody of Joy" by T. Didenko

    December 14, 2018

    Opening of the exhibition of paintings by the Honored Artist of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Tetyana Didenko, entitled "Melody of Joy".

  • "Nation Code 18" Yu. Nagulko

    October 4 - December 12, 2018

    The result of Yuri Nagulka's hard work is a series of exhibitions in his homeland - in the Kyiv Museum of Russian Art, the Book Printing Museum in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the exhibition hall of Sophia of Kyiv, the National Museum of T.G. Shevchenko and "Pecherska" galleries, museum and exhibition centre "Kyiv History Museum".

    He is sharply distinguished from several famous modern Ukrainian artists by his categorical rejection of obscene, soulless, and brutal painting. The artist is a bright personality that confirms the spiritual tradition. His work is perceived as a phenomenon. "It stands alone" - say some, "This is a new direction in modern art" - say others. Success, including collectors, allows him to continue exhibiting abroad, and his paintings have been added to the collections of such iconic museums as the National Art Museum named after A. Sheptytskyi (Lviv) and the Ukrainian Museum in New York.

  • "Dynasty"

    June 5 - 26, 2018

    O. Tytenko, P. Tytenko, O. Yakovenko, A. Andreychuk

    Oksana Tytenko
    Winner of the award named after V. Shatalin. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Since 2001, he has been cooperating with "Danusha Fine Art" (Great Britain). From 2014-2015, he cooperated with "The Walt Disney Company". The works were exhibited at international and more than 70 all-Ukrainian art exhibitions. Teacher of painting, drawing and composition in his studio. The paintings are in private collections of Ukraine, France, Great Britain, China, and the USA.

    Panas Tytenko
    Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Works in the field of the easel and monumental painting. Master of landscape, still life, and portrait.
    Participated in many all-Ukrainian exhibitions and international art projects. Since 1995, works have been exhibited abroad at Bonhams, Gohn Nicolson auctions (UK), as well as Roy Miles Gallery (London) and Hanover Fine Arts (Edinburgh). Since 1988 cooperates with "Danusha Fine Art" in Great Britain). From 2014-2015, he cooperated with "The Walt Disney Company".

    Olena Yakovenko
    Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In 1990, she started her creative activity. He works in the genre of landscape, still life, portrait and genre painting. Since 2000 he has been cooperating with "Danusha Fine Art" (Great Britain). From 2014-2015, he collaborated with "The Walt Disney Company". Works are in many museums of Ukraine and private collections in Ukraine. Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Georgia, Finland, USA.

    Artem Andreychuk
    Since 2009, he has been participating in art auctions and international exhibitions. In 2013 - laureate of the prize of the International Exhibition Bureau (France). He works in the genre of landscape, still life and genre painting. Works are in private collections in Ukraine, the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, and China.

  • "Synthesis of thoughts" A. Kopchak

    May 17 - June 4, 2018

    From the first exhibitions, Andriy Kopchak captivated the audience with his special philosophical line in fine art, unique only to him. His generation is the generation of millennials, and the peculiarity of his work is a combination of the incompatible. Andrii magically combines and combines traditional art with his unique abstraction, mastering reality through the search for a symbolic imaginary world ("The Noise of the Rain").

    It is impossible not to remember his works: they are bright in painting and monumental in graphics, half people - half mystical creatures, which often intertwine or creep, melting in space, playing on the fine line between formalism and realistic searches, create a compositional order.

  • "Face About". V. Koshlyak, A. Baranovskyi

    March 19 - April 10, 2018

    Vitaly Koshlyak is the talent of a courageous childhood. This is one of the inconspicuous, silent artists of the new renaissance, the one whose unexpectedness on the canvas, as in everyday life, shines with mature kindness, childlike sincerity, the unity of a man-artist, who fascinates not by the desire to please and please, but by being tall, like himself, with a deep renunciation, with a silently aching desire to glorify, straighten up the protested, sung and then confused country.

    Andrii Baranovskyi is a modern colour master. The artist's fantasy is shown by colours on the canvas, which are combined into a single whole with vivid, exquisite spots, with a surprisingly precise connection. Everything that fills the picture, every detail, is perceived together, like the unison of an orchestra. Each colour is one mechanism, an inviolable order to which it is impossible not to add or accept anything.

  • Exhibition of paintings by Anatoly Burtovoy

    February 2018

    Ukrainian painter and graphic artist, Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1993, and Honored Artist of Ukraine since 2015. In his work, he combines the traditions of icon painting and Ukrainian folk art of the school of Mykhailo Boychuk and his successors. He is fond of historical topics - the era of Trypil culture, and ancient Ukrainian myths and legends.

  • Group project "So today"

    On September 12, 2019, the opening of the group project "So Today" took place within the framework of the IIR Hall Art Gallery.

    Four artists: Yevgeny Klymenko, Vladyslav Ryaboshtan, Serhiy Skrypitsyn and Anna Olshevska - 4 unique views of the world and one multidimensional picture of our present.

    The works that make up the project are diverse visual reflections on the modern life of megacities, as well as objects of the surrounding world, which have absorbed the unique features of all time dimensions.

    The discussion by the guests of the exhibition together with the authors of their works about their vision and perception of the world and their creativity, the very idea and history of the project was especially valuable.

  • Exhibition "Contemplation"

    On December 10, 2019, the opening of the art exhibition "Contemplation" by the modern Ukrainian artist Yevhen Klymenko took place within the framework of the artistic space of the IIR Hall Art Gallery.

    All participants of the event had the opportunity to participate in a discussion with the artist about the diverse and bright works presented at the exhibition. Particularly interesting were the subtleties of the author's understanding of his own work, as well as the actual phenomenon of the role of the observer, which is very important in the context of understanding oneself and the world.

  • Exhibition within the Marmur Hall art space

    On October 1, 2019, the ceremonial opening of the first exhibition took place within the Marmur Hall art space at the Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko KNU. The evening began with a speech by the director of the IIR Valery Kopiyka, one of the main coordinators of the project Taras Koshlyak, as well as an introduction to the artists whose works were presented at the exhibition, namely: photos by Borys Andresyuk and Anna Spilnyk and paintings by Sandra Sambo.

    The expressiveness of forms, the play of colours, the originality of interpretation of images - all this is about "Inspiration". Visitors had the opportunity to enjoy not only these works of art but also excellent musical accompaniment: jazz music by saxophonist Yaroslav Protsiv and modern music by the Funky Family collective (Roman Babak, Nadia Bodnaruk). In addition, as it turned out, several surprises were prepared, among which - was a performance from an incredibly talented team, which included elements of street dance and vogue. The evening ended with a performance by KINERO - an acoustic music project combined with bursts of colour that harmoniously played the rhythm. It seems that these sounds penetrated deep into you, and the colours mesmerized you. The atmosphere of the evening resonated in the hearts of those who visited "Inspiration": creativity truly gives inspiration, motivation and moral rest.

  • Exhibition "Not for Sale"

    On February 27, 2020, the opening of the "Not for Sale" exhibition took place within the artistic space of the IMB Hall Art Gallery.

    This exhibition is a study of the current topic of overconsumption. Artists sought to show the process of consumption as a phenomenon that becomes the meaning of the existence of modern society. The consequence of humanity following the capitalist line of development has been overproduction.

    Therefore, artists are sure that a society without overconsumption is a utopia, and they do not call for changing the world. The exhibition reflects the modern reality, where each of us is a consumer and a buyer. The degree of awareness of society, as well as the quantity and quality of what is consumed, is important.

    Artists want to draw attention to a person whom consumer society makes dependent, misleads, and manipulates consciousness and desires. Thus, the world in which we live turns into a deception of goals and dreams imposed by advertising, where we do not hear our desires, where we lose understanding of the true value of things.

    The exhibition will feature the works of Yevhen Klymenko, Nicole Ilyina, Vlad Tretyak, Yevhen Kucheryavy, Nastya Prokofieva, Alex Velboy and Artem Chuyenko.