Scientific Assosiation of Students

Academic Community of Students of the Institute of International Relations was founded in 1993. The Community inherited the best traditions of Ukrainian Academic Student Community of St. Volodymyr University founded in 1918, Academic Student Community (ASC) of Kyiv State University. R. Kryvonis, currently holding a position of Associate Professor at the Department of Country Studies of the Institute of International Relations, was the first head of the ACS.  The effective Charter of the ACS was adopted in 2004.

The main body of the ACS is the General Assembly summoned each year with all members of the ACS participating in it. The General Assembly of the ACS elects the Head of the ACS, appoints the First Deputy of the Head of the ACS and the Secretary of the ACS. To govern the day-to-day operations the Head of the ACS forms the Coordination Council including heads of the ACS departments (there are 6 of them: International Relations Department, International Law Department, International Economic Relations Department, International Business Department, International Information Department and International Regional Studies Department).

Traditionally, the ACS holds scientific and practical conferences “Actual Problems of International Relations” and “Shevchenko Spring”. Following these conferences, the best articles of young scientists are published in the IIR magazine “Actual Problems of International Relations”. The number of conferences and round tables on the issues of Euro- and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, external politics of foreign countries, crisis situation in the Caucasus, Middle East and Eastern Asia were held by the ACS’ efforts.

Modelling activities of such international organizations as the UN, the EU, the NATO are held annually. The teams of students of the Institute participate in many intelligence games and judicial competitions. Over the last years the ACS of the IIR keeps the leading position among academic communities of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and higher education institutions of Ukraine for the level and number of participants of academic events being held.