Master`s Programmes in English

Since 2012, the Institute suggests the following Master’s Programmes in English:

  1. International Litigation (background speciality «International Law»);
  2. European Business Law  (background speciality «European Law»);
  3. International Trade Regulation  (background speciality «International Law»);
  4. International Management and Marketing (background speciality «International Business»);
  5. Environment and Energy Security (background speciality «International Relations»).

Each Programme is taken during three semesters (two semesters of academic studies and the third semester is dedicated to writing a Master’s thesis and internship).

Upon completion of the studies, the Programmes’ graduates are awarded a Master’s Diploma in International Relations, International Law, International Economic Relations or International Business depending on the chosen Programme.

Both foreign and Ukrainian students can apply for studying the Master’s Programmes in English.

Video presentation of the Master’s Programmes in English.


Tuition fees – The payment is made in UAH based on UAH 71,500 per year fee.

Terms of education: 1,5 year

Programmes start on September 1 each year.

Admission takes place from July 1 till August 30.


For all information and issues related to studying at the Master’s Programmes in English, please, contact us:


Kyiv, Y. Illienka str, 36/1