International information security: modern challenges and threats / Makarenko, Ryzhkov, Ozhevan etc. - Kyiv: Free Press Center, 2006.

Abstract: The book is devoted to the problems of theory and practice of international information security and counteraction to manipulative technologies in the field of foreign policy. The book presents scientific research, which highlights the state and trends of the international peacekeeping system in the information age, planning and implementation of special information operations, the essence and methods of combating manipulative technologies, applied aspects of information security in various spheres of public life.

European communications. Textbook / Makarenko, Ozhevan, Tikhomirova, Ryzhkov etc. - 2010.

Abstract: The textbook presents the conceptual and theoretical foundations of the information society in Europe, analyzes the policy of European intergovernmental organizations in the field of information and communication, shows the institutional support of information activities; considers applied aspects of European communications in security, economics, foreign policy and media.

Ryzhkov, Dobrzhanska, Litvinenko, Panchenko. Information resources of state identity. Tutorial. - 2012. - 399 p.

Abstract: The manual presents methodological approaches to the assessment and measurement of different types of collective identity; features of identity transformation in the post-Soviet space are considered; features of basic approaches to ensuring a common political identity as a component of the European integration project are revealed; factors and mechanisms of influence on the conceptual support and political and systemic evolution of Ukraine's identity are determined. 

Danylenko, The Civic Dimension of the Communication Revolution: Modernizing Public Communications from the Printing Machine to Social Networks - 2010.

Abstract: The paper examines the role of communication in the formation of civil society, the impact of changes in the information and communication sphere on the course and state of the social and political system, both in individual countries and around the world.

Shevchenko, PR-technologies in international relations (European experience and prospects of Ukraine): Monograph - Center for Free Press, 2003. – 187p.

Abstract: The monograph comprehensively reveals and systematizes the theoretical and applied problems of public relations technologies in the field of international relations; the author's concept of the program for the formation of the image of Ukraine on the international arena is presented; models and priorities of foreign policy communications based on PR-technologies are defined.

Shevchenko, European PR-practice: Manual - IIR, 2006. - 162 p.

Abstract: The textbook examines current trends and practices of public relations in European countries, lobbying of national and corporate interests as PR-technology in international relations, analyzes PR-factors accompanying the process of European integration, as well as PR-policy of Ukraine in the process of joining a united Europe.

Shevchenko, Fundamentals of PR-practice (applied aspect): Manual - Center for Free Press, 2007. - 157 p.

Abstract: The textbook discusses the main stages of PR-project implementation: from preparing and writing a strategy, to organizing special events. The publication contains cases of successful PR-strategies implemented in Ukraine.

Shevchenko, Shevchenko, Evaluation of the effectiveness of PR-activity: Anthology - Center for Free Press, 2007. - 234 p.

Abstract: The anthology examines Western and domestic approaches to determining the effectiveness of public relations campaigns. Basic principles and standards for evaluating PR activities, as well as criteria and methods of public relations are presented. The publication contains an overview of the most successful PR-campaigns in world practice.

Shevchenko, State Branding in International Relations - Textbook. - IIR, 2011. - 152 p.

Abstract: The manual is devoted to theoretical and applied issues of state branding as a modern foreign policy communication technology. The textbook provides an interpretation of the basic concepts of state branding, analyzes modern scientific thought on state branding in international relations; describes the branding strategies and practices of the world and individual cities, presents organizational and legal aspects of state branding in different countries.

Shevchenko, GR- and Lobby Technology in International Relations - Tutorial. - IIR. 2011. - 185 p.

Abstract: The manual is devoted to theoretical and applied issues of government relations (GR) and lobbying as communicative components of interaction between business circles, civil society and government. The textbook explains the basic concepts of GR and lobbying; analyzes modern theories of information support of government and business; considers the typology of GR-technologies and lobbying in the interaction of government institutions and business circles; describes the strategies and practices of multinational corporations, national business circles, and supranational institutions in the field of lobbying and GR-interaction, analyzes the legal basis for the use of lobby and GR-technologies in Ukraine and the world.

Shevchenko, Yakovets, PR: theory and practice. Textbook - Business Polygraph, 2011. - 464p.

Abstract: The textbook aims to reveal the conceptual and theoretical principles and practical examples of the functioning of PR. Methods, techniques, channels and forms of communication in a democratic society are revealed.

Strategic communications in international relations. 2019

Abstract: The monograph is devoted to the study of conceptual and applied aspects of strategic communications as an innovative tool in the field of international relations, analysis of the role of strategic communications in the practice of diplomatic activities of leading international actors and Ukraine.

Strategic communications. Textbook. - Vadex, 2019. - 446 p.

Authors’ team: Bebyk, Danylenko, Kopiyka, Makarenko, Minhazutdinov, Minhazutdinova, Ozhevan, Pipchenko, Ryzhkov, Petrov, Pohorskaya, Tikhomirova, Shevchenko

The textbook is devoted to the theory and practice of strategic communications as a component of the foreign policy of international actors and the system of international cooperation. The textbook explains the basic concepts of strategic communications, describes modern theories of strategic narrative, considers the components of strategic communications, analyzes the practice of using strategic communications of international organizations and nation-states, and presents foreign and domestic educational programs on strategic communications, and security communications in international relations. media and social networks. The textbook is designed for students majoring in "International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies", scientists, tutors, professionals and graduate students.

Global trends in international relations. Monograph. - К.: Vadex, 2020. - 524 p.

Author's team: Brusilovska, Danylenko, Dobrzhanska, Kopiіka, Koppel, Kuchmiy, Makarenkо., Minhazutdinov, Minhazutdinova, Parkhomchuk, Pipchenko, Pogorskaya, Ryzhkov, Sergiychuk, Tatarenko, Tikhomirova, Fedunyak, Fesenko, Frolova, Chekalenko, Shevchenko.

The monograph is dedicated to the research of the conceptual and applied aspects of the global trends of international relations in the retrospect and prospective format, the analysis of the influence of the global processes on the principal spheres of international interaction, especially on the political, economic, security, technological, energetic, humanitarian, public and climatic, the clarification of the strategic risks for the power of international actors, the consideration of the prognostic trends of international relations. The monograph is designed for scientists, researchers of international relations, specialists in global development, parliamentarians, government officials, the employees of the diplomatic structures, analysts and students that major in “International relations”, “International regional studies”, “International communications”, “International Business”, “International economic relations” and “International law”.

ANALYTICAL REPORT. Status and prospects of the strategic partnership between Poland and Ukraine. View from Poland and Ukraine.

The analytical report “Status and prospects of the strategic partnership between Poland and Ukraine. A View from Poland and Ukraine ”was prepared by the International Group for the Study of Relations between Poland and Ukraine consisting of employees of the Institute of Political Science and Administration of UMKS, the Institute of Central Europe in Lublin, the Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National University. Taras Shevchenko.

The analytical report analyzes the various areas of bilateral relations between Poland and Ukraine in the context of the changing international environment. The document reflects the views of Polish and Ukrainian experts on the development of the strategic partnership between Poland and Ukraine and develops a number of recommendations for the authorities that shape the foreign policy of states.

Polish version of the publication.

Ukrainian version of the publication.