Museum "Voices of the civilians": remember in order to persevere and win


Recently students of 1st rate from educational program “International Communications “have visited multimedia space of museum “Voices of civilians “sponsored by Rinat Akhmetov`s fund. Exposition is situated in Museum of History in Kyiv. Our visit was a part of educational process, where students could explore opportunities of cultural tools, particularly, museum acting in realization of tasks in providing narratives about tragedy of Russian-Ukrainian war, and about brave and just strife of Ukrainian nation for its liberty. 

Presentation of multimedia space was organized by Andriy Palatny, manager of international relations and chief of theatric program GOGOLFEST.

Thanks to creative approach about performing multimedia space, students had an opportunity to get deeply inside of memories about events of first days of war.

The main exhibit of this museum was “Tower of Babel“, designed by luggage. This tower is a symbol of the main tragedy of Ukrainian folk in XXI century – massive refugee of Ukrainian civilians after 24thFebruary 2022 year. After all, every suitcase is a silent witness of horrible disaster of Ukrainian civilians.

Project “Voices of civilians” has already gained over 100 thousand video recordings of people since 2014, who were forced by war to leave their native households. All these video materials are priceless for us in information war against Russian Federation, also these materials will be evidences in blaming international criminals of RF, who committed war crimes and gave orders about Russian invasion of independent country. 

During discussion students reached an agreement that these multimedia expositions – is condition of our victory in war for reality. After all, by tools of international communications, Ukraine is able to spread confident and inalienable truth not only in Europe, North America, Asia or Africa.

Let`s note, that our visit to the Museum “Voices of civilians” was performed as part of the “Sunday Promenade with Professor Danylenko”.                 

Oleksii Maslennikov, 1IC